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The medieval castle of Csesznek was built about 1263 by the Baron Jakab Cseszneky who was the swordbearer of the King Béla IV. He and his descendants have been called after the castle Cseszneky.
Between 1326 and 1392 it was royal castle when King Sigismund changed offered it for the Garai family in lieu of the Macsó Banate.
In 1482 the male line of the Garais died out and King Matthias Corvinus donated the castle to the Szapolyai family. In 1527 Baron Bálint Török took it up.
During the 16th century the Csábi, Szelestey and Wathay families were in possession of Csesznek. In 1561 Lőrinc Wathay repulsed successfully the siege of the Ottomans. However, in 1594 the castle was occupied by the Turkish troops, but already in 1598 the Hungarians recaptured it.
In 1635 Dániel Esterházy bought the castle and village and from that time on Csesznek was the property of the Esterházy family till 1945.
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