2011. június 28., kedd

Sirok Castle

On the east range of Mátra vulcanic peak can be found the robust block of Castle of Sirok. As a result of the reconstruction work taking place in the present days a solid road service leads to the monument so we can reach the many centuries old walls with comfortable strolls.

We take our footsteps to a special scene because the builders of the castle in the 13th century used the inner side of the mountain as well and they engraved tunnels and smaller or bigger rooms into the volcanic stone.

It was taken from Aba clan by King Károly's troops from Anjou dynasty, the people of the surrounding villages had to serve the lands of the castle. In the 1560's gun bastion lower castle was built but it was useless because the cowardly guards gave over the castle to the Turkish without any fight. More than hundred years past when the imperial mercenary took it back who partly exploded the defending walls.

Without owner the weather constantly destroyed its walls until 1960's since when the castle, which is in harmony with the nature, has been reconstructed in several steps. Nearby the so called Barát (Friend) and Apáca (nun) cliffs are situated. According to the folk tradition these cliffs are hiding a couple who grew stiff because of love unhappiness.
source: www.latvany-terkep.hu

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