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Siklós Castle

Towering above the surrounding countryside, the Siklós Castle was built in the late 13th century. It was steadily expanded in the centuries to come, eventually belonging to the Garai estate. According to legend, the family jewels were guarded in the castle prison by a python 12 metres in length and as thick as a tree trunk. The snake even appears on the Garai family crest above the chapel entrance.

The Renaissance fortress was later owned by King Mátyás and his son János Corvin before passing to palatine Imre Perényi in 1515. Siklós fell into Turkish hands from 1543 to 1686 and was conquered by Kuruc forces during Rákóczi's war of independence. The exhibitions in the castle offer something for everyone, including relics of the castle itself, the town and the battles fought around it, masonry from the Middle Ages, and artefacts relating to hunting, painting and folk art. There is even an exhibition of gloves and related fashion through the ages, and the rich heritage of the Villány-Siklós wine region is also represented here. At the foot of the hill, Siklós offers much more to see, such as the restored Turkish monuments, the djami of Bey Malkoc and a beautiful Franciscan church. Weary travellers will appreciate the opportunity to unwind at the Harkány medicinal baths no more than a short drive away.
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