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Nagyvázsony - Kinizsi Castle

Kinizsi castle originating from the 14th century was extended in the 15th century in a Gothic style and refurbished in the 16th-17th century. Today the castle is a stage for Renaissance games and festivals.
Go through the gate of the outer round bastion into the castle, then cross the bridge across the 'wolf pit' pit full of water and pass through the inner gate tower into the courtyard.
This courtyard is surrounded by the buildings of the palace. Here stands the 29-metre high keep or 'old-tower' which is today a museum.
From the courtyard steps lead to the chapel in which the most important sight is the red marble lid and its remnants of Pál Kinizsi's sarcophagus. The gravestone originally safeguarded the earthly remnants of the forceful commander in the church of the Pauline monastery he had founded. However, after the crumbling walls had collapsed onto the gravestone the sarcophagus was dug out and then broken open by treasure hunters in 1708. Pieces of the broken gravestone were placed in the castle.
Weddings are still held in the castle chapel. Castle games are held every day at 11 am and 3 pm in July. At the Kinizsi Festival held annually on the first weekend of August, the lord of the castle himself appears in the company of his wife to observe the knights' tournament, the performance of the Italian flag throwers and the battle of the Hungarian and Turkish troops.
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