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Ónod Castle

In the South-Eastern direction from the town of Miskolc on the Sajó river-bank stands the castle of Ónod, the walls of which witnessed many bloody historical events in the past centuries.
We gradually learn more about the history of the castle thanks to the archeological excavation of the present days. In the 14th century the church of the peasant village of Ónod was situated in this place. Péter Czudar turned this church into a fortified private castle. Two hundered years later Péter Perényi, the guardian of the crown ordered to demolish this old block of buildings and instead he ordered to construct a castle with four corner bastions in accordance with the most contemporary Italian-style military theories of that time.
One of the tasks of the army, stationed in the castle was to through back the Turkish attacks. In 1639 the castle's defenders succesfully fought back the attack of the Ottoman army from Eger, but by the end of the century their post had been destroyed.
Because of that the "kuruc" national assembly took part on the otherside of the river in the fields of Köröm in 1707. Related to this event there is a legend about the famous "kuruc" spy Panna Czinka, who was a very good violin-player. She was charged with treachery and executed under the order of his majesty in the outskirt of Ónod, in a place, called Nyakvágó (decapitating).
source: Apartman Eged Vendégház

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