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Kisnána Castle

At the southern part of the Mátra, where the high mountain ranges are turning into downs - there you will find Kisnána, a village situated in a picturesque site equally suitable for hiking, hunting and relaxation.
The knight's castle of the Kompoltis is the best known sight of the village. Only the donjon, gatehouse, castle walls, and the church tower reminds us of the old times.
The castle was built by the Kompoltis, a family originated from the Aba clan. The Kompoltis were expanding to the extent possible, and laid down the foundations of a safe home a short time after the Mongol invasion of Hungary in 1241-42. Then the fortress was being slowly formed into a genuine baronial residence.
Although the castle of Kisnána was never reinforced with outer round bastions and battlements, its high and strong walls offered a safe shelter against unexpected attacks in the age of longbows and catapults.
The Kompoltis were followed by the Losonczys. László Móré, a robber baron feared throughout the country was their relative. He and his cruel men were plundering the Hungarians, Turks and Germans, equally. He scraped together an enormous fortune, but finally he drew upon himself the hatred of the pasha of Buda.
The robber baron had to run away to the fortress of Kisnána with the pasha's armies at his heels. László Móré resorted to a trick: thinking of the besiegers' greed he threw down many gold pieces to them. But he could not stop the Turkish soldiers by that, so Móré's eyrie was occupied and the baron was taken to the Seven Towers, a prison in Constantinople.
Even today, some villagers are telling old tales about Móré's treasure that was hidden in the ground somewhere in the fortress. Of course, no one has found the treasure so far, but the legend lives on...
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