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Regéc Castle

The castle Regéc stands on top of the 625 m high Várhegy (Castlehill), which is situated between two villages Mogyoróska and Regéc.

The first evident about the castle dates back to 1307. The castle was built by the members of the Aba nation possibly in the XIII-XIV century. In the next centuries it was a royal possession. During the middle age the following families owned the castle, Szapolyai, Serédy, Alaghy and Esterházy.

The castle's hey day was when György Rákóczi the I., ruler of Transylvania took over the castle due to the peace treaty of Linz in 1645. In its secure courtyard Ferenc Badinyi tought the 6 year-old Ferenc the secret of the Latin language, which made his childhood difficult.

The castle served its last military purpose during the revolution, lead by Thököly, when it became a war material storage place for the "kuruc". In 1685 the mercenaries of the "keizer" blow up the wall by gunpowder.

In the 1990's the excavation of the deteriorating castle of Regéc was started thanks to the initiatives of the localpatriots.

source: Northern Castles

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