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Sárvár Castle / Nádasdy Castle

Today’s castle is a "result" of two former parts that were built together: the three-storey tower block from the XIII. Century (today it is the south-western part) and the one-storey wing, that is the northern part today. The fist mentioning in writing dates back to 1288.

The next large-scale construction works took place in the second half of the XV. Century, in Gothic style. Under the Kanizsai era, a three-storey residence, with vast knights’ halls, was built in place of today’s southern wing. The lower level of today’ gate-tower was built at the end of the XV. Century. By the beginning of the XVI. Century a huge, enclosed courtyard was established, which was protected by earth walls enhanced with carven wood pillars. The Nádasdy family owned the castle from 1534 to 1671. During the reconstruction in the Renaissance period the shape of the castle was formed, which can be seen today. Hans Rudolf Miller painted the ceiling frescoes in the knights’ hall1653, the paintings on the side walls, depicting scenes from the Old Testament, are the works of István Dorfmeister from 1769. Today’s defence system with ancient Italian bastions was built between 1588 and 1615. The archduke, Ferdinand Estei bought the castle in 1803, his ancestor had it restored. The Renaissance row of arcades in the eastern wing was bricked up, corridors were built in the wing on the first floor, and hence one could walk along the entire castle. The moat was filled up and the bridge, that can be seen today, was set upon it. In the XIX-XX. centuries only minor changes were made, subsequently the castle looks today like a fortified late-Renaissance (XVI-XVII century) castle.

source: Hotel Villa Classica

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