2011. november 17., csütörtök

Rezi Castle

The ruins stand on the suddenly narrowing ridge of the 418-metre hill. Although only a few remaining wall sections and the protective battlements still remain of the hilltop castle built in the 13th-14th century, the view is fantastic.

The elongated, irregular shape hillside fortress had an internal tower. Only the eastern portion of the keep and the eastern and western walls of the castle remain with the traces of windows and barrel vaults. The remaining walls are between 8 and 10 metres high and 120-180 centimetres thick.

It appears that the square-based keep on the northern end of the cliff was the first portion to be built. In front of this is a courtyard with a high enclosure where a round and a square tower once served to protect the gate entrance built on the southern wall. A deep and 2-metre wide dry moat was cut into the rock in front of the fort that could be crossed only over the drawbridge.

Can be visited at any time.

source: Hungary starts here

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