2011. szeptember 16., péntek

Bánd, Essegvár Castle

In the boundary of the village of Bánd there’s a little but steep slope where you can find the relic of 9-10-meter-high towers. Besides these are only a part of the outer walls remained from the castle. The castle was built in the middle of the 13th century. At this time it was owned by Pankotai Lőrinc from whom the Essegváris bought it in 1309. They were followed by the Kőszegis, the Rozgonyis, then the Újlakis from 1457 to the dying out of the family. During the Ottoman occupation of Hungary the castle wasn’t mentioned so it’s likely that after the fall of Veszprém it was destroyed. In a 1641 list it appeared again as a ruin. source: Castles and palaces in Veszprém county

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