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Csobánc Castle

The castle of Csobánc was mentioned in a document for the first time in 1272, but the owner is unknown to us. We know, however, that from 1300 on for about 400 years the estate was owned by the Gyulaffys, who belonged to the clan of "Rátót". Together with the castle of Hegyesd it controlled the road between Veszprém and Tapolca. After the fall of Veszprém (1552) it became a member of the royal border castle-system. It was never occupied by the Turks. In 1554 Gyulaffy László with his troops repelled the turkish aggressors, but in 1561 Aga Pajazit took Hegyesd, and then Csobánc got into a difficult situation. Gyulaffy challenged Aga Pajazit to a duel, he ran the armoured turk through the body with his spear, which could be pulled out of the dead body only with the help of a hatchet. In the time of the Rákóczi War of Independence the insurrectionists occupied the fortress, and it became an important provision-centre for them. In 1707 the emperor's troops failed to besiege the castle, but in 1709 they succeeded in occupying it. The damages caused by the attacks were not restored, and this way it began to decay. The walls of the big tower are reaching as high as 8m today as well, but only some stumps have remained from the other walls. source: elisanet.fi

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