2011. szeptember 24., szombat

Csókakő Castle

As part of the system of borderline fortifications in the Vértes Mountains, Csókakő Castle was built and first owned by the Csák clan in order to guard the main road between Győr and Komárom. The first written document dates back to 1299. The name originates in Chowka, an early nickname for Stephen. It was King Charles I who, recognising the strategic importance of the castle, made it a royal possession in 1327. Later it became the property of various noble families. Following the Turkish occupation, German soldiers were stationed in the castle which, as its owners did not care much about maintenance, gradually fell into ruin. The outstanding strategic position of the castle was due to the steep, almost vertical hillsides on three sides. It was only approachable from the west, where it was defended by a ditch, a drawbridge and a gatehouse with loopholes. Today the ruins nestle on a rocky ledge above the small settlement built among vineyards. The first inhabitants were settled here by Count Lamberg in the 1750s. These days, the village is a favourite centre of rural tourism owing the beauty of the landscape, the history of the region and the fiery wines.
source: Közalapítvány / Pro Vértes Public Foundation for Nature Conservation

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