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Döbrönte: Szarvaskő Castle

On the north coast of the Bakony Mountains, on downs over the valley of the Bittva brook ridge the spectacular command castle of Döbrönte was built. The castle was built by Benedek Himfi, who was a Bulgarian viceroy and the reeve of the bakony king’s hunt, with the permission of King Lajos I. for the protection of his property. According to chronicles it was built in 1367-74.
In the 15th century the Himfi’s sank armod, brigand, loot, and their castle became a robbercastle. They stormed the surrounding villages including the monastery of Pannonhalma, so King Mátyás condemned their property for a short time and he donated it to the Kanizsai’s.
Imre Himfi, the captain of Visegrád was the last member of his family. His castles and property was given to Ferenc Essegvári and his only daughter. The captain of Pápa and Somló Szapolyai’s had the castle of Döbrönte rebuilt and extended after 1526. He had the outdoor castle and this defender cannon built. During the Turkish occupation the Essegvári family became poor and they couldn’t maintain the castle so it was held by the king guard after 1550.
About 1640 the successors of the Essegváris lived there, but in the second half of the 17th century it began to fall.
The irregular ground-plan castle of Döbrönte, which was standing on a rocky edge, was an indoor towered castle with 1.5 to 2-meter-thick walls. The window openings which can be seen on the remainders of the wall originate from the 17th century reconstruction. The castle was rounded by rampart and chase, then additional chase and rampart dissevered it from the inner, palatial castle of Benedek Himfi viceroy.
Nowadays only some remainders of the wall of the inner castle and the cannon of the outdoor castle remained.
source: http://fured.loczy.sulinet.hu

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