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Hollókő Castle

Among the hills of Cserhát the castle of Hollókő stands on a cliff only for a few steps away from the Old village, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The castle is visited by many tourist all-year-round.
According to contemporary documents the earliest buildings were established by Kacsics nation, among them were the pentagonal old tower. In the XIV. century Máté Csák took over the castle, from whom the army of King Károly Anjou took it back. In the next decades it belonged to the baron Szécsényi family. Though its owners tried to build up its defences, by the XVI. century it lost its military position.
In 1550 György Kapitány captain of the castle fighted his famous duel with the Aga of Szandavár. After the expulsion of the Turks the castle became useles and were partly destroyed by the Habsburg army. Then the local inhabitants continued with removing the stones of the castle. The restoration, started in 1960-es put an end to the destruction of the castle and made it possible to open up a castle museum behind its old walls at present.
According to the legend András Kacsics kidnapped his neighbour's wife and kept her in his castle. The lady's wet-nurse - being a witch - managed to convince the devil to help her to set the lady free. The devil's sons changed into crows and disassembled the castle stone by stone, in this way the lady became free. But the crows carried the stones into the hill of Szár and built the castle of Hollókő at its present location.
Nowadays only some remainders of the wall of the inner castle and the cannon of the outdoor castle remained.
source: Északi Várak

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